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Becoming a successful Amazon seller isn’t easy - especially when there are so many loud voices giving you the wrong advice.
But what if that noise was cut out for you? What if you didn’t have to worry about who to listen to or not to?

What if you could have free access to the best business experts and their top-secret strategies that have made them the big earners they are today? Well, now you can.

The FBA Underground Summit is your chance to hear from the very best in the industry. Here, FREE for 10 days only, you have direct access to incredibly valuable insights, tactics, and strategies that will help you make more money on Amazon FBA.

Every one of our expert speakers has gone through the process and have come out winners. They’ve become major money-making businesses in their fields - and we want the same for you.

If you opt-in, you’ll get direct access to key strategies worth thousands of dollars that you can apply to your business immediately.
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Get To Know Your Host!

Sam JT

Sam is an 8-figures FBA Expert specialized in Brand building. He has helped over 3,000 students get started on Amazon FBA.
Founder of FBA Mavericks, an FBA community focused on the fundamentals of building REAL businesses that you can scale and sell.
Featuring the Best Pros in the Industry!
   Day 1: August 12

Yael Cabilly

What You MUST Know About Intellectual Property and Suspensions on Amazon

Kevin King

Thinking Differently Pays Off!
   Day 3: August 14

Casey Gauss

Seller Misconceptions and Optimizing Your Listings!

Brandon Young

Approaching Product Selection Differently!
   Day 5: August 16

Greg Mercer

The New Way To Find Suppliers

Tim Jordan

Tips and Misconceptions About Sourcing Products
   Day 7: August 18

Diane Boerstler

How To Craft A Hypnotic Listings And Boost Your Sales

Norman Farrar

The Importance of SOPs and Knowing Your Numbers Inside Out
   Day 9: August 20

Stefano Starkel

All You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About PPC

Anthony Lee

Mastering Amazon’s Algorithm and Optimizing Your Launches
   Day 2: August 13

Nick Young

Product Research and Launching Tips From 8-Figure Seller

Bradley Sutton

Optimizing Your Product Research
   Day 4: August 15

Chris Nowak

Making Millions The White Hat Way!

Dima Kubrak

Building Your Highly Successful Business
   Day 6: August 17

Refael Elbaz

Understanding Your Supply Chain And Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

Fernando Cruz

Better Understand Cash Flows and Its Crucial Role To Scaling To 8-Figures
   Day 8: August 19

Paulina Masson

Pricing Strategies - Clever Tweaks to Make More Sales

Jana Krekic

How To Do Your International Listings The Right Way
   Day 10: August 21

Joe Reichsfeld

Pinterest – The Most Overlooked Platform for Off-Amazon Traffic

Paul Baron

Building Your List, Getting Reviews and Launching Products with ManyChat

Wilfried Lighthart

Building Your Social Media Presence The RIGHT Way
Here Are A Few Of The Major Lessons You’ll Learn At The FBA Underground Summit:

Amazon Listings That Skyrocket Sales
Our speakers share their expertise on product listings and how they’ve managed to create ones that bring in steady streams of customers. Our experts will share the whole process with you, so that you can experience these major results, too!

Next-Level Traffic Tactics
Your Amazon listing needs traffic. That is how you’re going to get sales. But if your strategies aren’t working, you’re not going to succeed.
At this summit, our experts will show you key strategies you need to know to drive traffic - from social media, email marketing, sponsored ads, and so much more!

How To Master The Amazon Algorithm
Tired of trying to figure out Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm? You don’t have to worry about that anymore! Our experts share their top strategies on how to get on top of Amazon’s search algorithm, to maximize the reach of their products to millions of prospective Amazon customers. You’ll learn everything you need to know!

Launching Your Products The Right Way In 2019
Want your products to get ahead of the rest in your field? Our experts will get you there, as they share key insights on product launch optimization and how to get it done right.
Why You HAVE To Attend This Summit
By now, you should be on the verge of clicking a button and getting your free access to this summit. We’ve broken down the amazing content to expect, but here are several more reasons why you HAVE to be here:

100% Verified, Successful Content
There are thousands of “sellers” out there giving all the wrong advice - and it’s hard to pick them out. At this summit, you don’t have to worry about that! 

We’ve done all the work to make sure that you get real-life expertise from proven, successful experts who’ve done it all and come out winners! You can trust everything you learn here!

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else
What we’ve done is rare, and you’ll see it the moment you opt-in. The lengths we’ve gone to get these speakers? We’ve done everything to get you the best of the best, and you don’t have to travel anywhere. 

You can watch this summit from the comfort of your bed! Every bit of information shared at the FBA Underground Summit is the kind of info you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to get elsewhere. But not here.
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